Zara Picken

Venn Deco by Zara Picken


Classic yet Modern…

Venn Deco is a collection evoking the timeless style and beauty of Art Deco combined with contemporary themes of strong female identity. Rich colours, intricate details and bold, graphic compositions come together to create a sophisticated collection.

In the same way that Art Deco blends tradition and progress, this artwork links a classic and stylish aesthetic with a modern message - women are free to define themselves and celebrate their individuality.


The Collection…

The Venn Deco collection is versatile in its application and can easily be used on a variety of home and giftware – cushions, clocks, bags and even furniture.

The first products may be smaller items such as cards, coasters, mugs and notebooks, aimed at arts and heritage markets (for example art galleries, museums and upmarket gift shops).

The illustrations are square in format but can be cropped effectively and background space can be extended to fit different design formats. There is also scope to extend the range with new images featuring a diverse range of women and different colour palettes.