Zara Picken

Oddcats! by Zara Picken


What are Oddcats?

Oddcats are a mob of mischievous creatures with a taste for adventure...and socks!

Cute, colourful and a little bit quirky, they borrow odd socks to help them along on their globetrotting travels.


More about Oddcats…

The Oddcats characters are bold and simple with subtle fabric texturing and stitched details. Oddcats are inspired by cats but creature-like in design, allowing them to express a range of personalities in a more anthropomorphic way.

The characters are playful and eye-catching with an element of mischief and humour. Cat-like features and cute facial expressions appeal to a younger audience of both boys and girls.


Bold and graphic, the illustrations would work on both large and small designs across a range of platforms. The illustrations could initially be applied to clothing, board books or stationery, perhaps sold by larger retailers with a family demographic.


The characters can be animated, as seen in the examples below. The property could be extended to include animated entertainment and games, perhaps with an educational element.